Just a note to say that I found your kinesiology treatment brilliant. As you know I was diagnosed with prostate cancer by the hospital consultant with a pretty grim prognosis. Kinesiology identified a way forward for me – and I am now cancer free. I am aware that Kinesiology in itself is not a cure, but with all the changes I have made to my life since visiting you something has worked this personal miracle for me.

– Peter, Cheshire

There is nothing else to say but what a journey so far!! Before visiting Krystyna, I had so much anxiety and fear of the future, I was frustrated with myself for not doing better in life. I felt like everybody else around me was more important than me and I always put others first…. I was a people pleaser. Working with Krystyna has helped me to start to love and appreciate myself more than ever before and since then several opportunities have come my way and for the first time ever I have stuck to a fitness regime and so far I have lost almost 5 kilos in the past 6 weeks!! 

I work in a corporate environment and I always used to feel intimidated by senior managers and company board members, well that is no longer the case and there have been many people who have said to me ‘You seem different’, I get listened to more in meetings and I am no longer afraid to speak up and put my point across.

I also realised what I want to be doing with the rest of my life. My total viewpoint has changed and all of the above has been changed not in weeks and months but in 2 sessions with Krystyna, I wish I discovered PSYCH- K® sooner!!

– Steve, Telford

During the lockdown, like many people I was suffering from the stress of isolation and loneliness This seems to have been the trigger for a number of issues including a severe eruption of hives all over my body that wasn’t going away. It was so bad that I called for emergency help, the doctors gave me steroids that kept the hives at bay for 3-4 days. After 3 consecutive weeks of suffering I decided to take a session with Krystyna. After the session, which was focused on a womb healing and other processes the hives have gone. She is warm, sensitive, and highly intuitive. She also follows up with you about your progress. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with a health condition.

– Dr Mariya Ali. Child rights expert

I first met Krystyna in 1996 for a reflexology treatment. When she moved away from me I tried a number reflexologists, but I was unable to find one that could compare to Krystyna. I was even prepared to travel ……. for her treatments.

Krystyna is qualified in a number of therapies and I particularly like her integrated approach. Matching what’s required for the particular condition.

Krystyna is very professional and committed to her work. We have trained together on a number of therapies and I am always impressed by her insight and knowledge.

She is currently helping me with a digestive problem. Through her PSYCH-K® therapy this has improved.

– Carolyn Norman

Fascinated by this process! I happened to mention in passing to  Krystyna that my dog was suffering with a leg injury and we were seiously concerned that we would have to make a heart breaking descion.  She kindly offered to pop over and see if you could help. Well, two days later our dog was our bouncing happy girl again.  I am still not sure exactly what this magic is, but I am more than happy with the outcome.

Krystyna is qualified in a number of therapies and has since helped my husband also with a bad knee problem.

Krystyna is very approachable and obviously loves  work.  

– Jo – Shrewsbury.

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