Hi! I’m Krystyna

I began working in holistic therapies about 20 years ago. Suffering from ill health and frustration at not being able to find solutions through standard medical channels I started researching complementary treatments and discovered a multitude of effective, amazing and exciting new therapies.


I am Krystyna, a mother, nana, wife, and an every growing and expanding soul in the field of therapy. My journey started many years ago due to continuing ill health, and frustration of not being able to find the answers in the medical field.

I was lucky enough to meet somebody who introduce me to the alternative therapies field, infact to a rather wonderful homeopathic practitioner.  Even then it still took me some time to recognise that I was responsible for this body and how much my environment, emotions and diet were causing the symptomatic respones in me.

When my children went  to school I trained as a beauty therapist, which incorporated bodywork. A new door had opened in my life! From here I then found so many wonderful doors to exciting new therapies opening I was overawed and excited at the possibilities to approach health from such a different stance.

Kinesiology was my first life changing experience, helping me out of the depths of M.E. I took my Diploma then also became a teacher of Systematic Kinesiology and Reiki. I have trained in many modalities as learning ways to help others in such unique ways has been a gift and a never-ending pleasure. Working from small infants to the elderly and even animals!
I love nothing more than to share the wonderful skills I have learned from some very amazing, highly educated and open minded people. Whilst my own journey continues to expand in so many magical ways.

Qualifications and Training

Diploma in Holistic Health

Diploma in Kinesiology

Reiki 3 Practitioner and Teacher

Reflexology and Advanced reflexology Techniques.



Small animal Cranial therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy, CST1, CST 2, SER 1

Metaphysical Anatomy Therapist and Level 1 teacher

I first met Krystyna in 1996 for a reflexology treatment. When she moved away from me I tried a number reflexologists, but I was unable to find one that could compare to Krystyna. I was even prepared to travel ……. for her treatments.

Krystyna is qualified in a number of therapies and I particularly like her integrated approach. Matching what’s required for the particular condition.

Krystyna is very professional and committed to her work. We have trained together on a number of therapies and I am always impressed by her insight and knowledge.

She is currently helping me with a digestive problem. Through her PSYCH-K® therapy this has improved.

– Carolyn Norman

Treatment offered


Metaphysical Anatomy represents the connection between mind and body. Based on the principle of ‘as above so below, as within so without’, as the Universe, so the soul’ You can connect the dots between the health of your body and your environment you live in. Our relationships and past experiences influence our body.

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A simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging

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Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which combines manual muscle testing with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy balancing and other healing modalities.

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